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7 Day Slay by GlamGirlBoss

Maybe you've settled,

But deep down you know you're meant to SLAY.

7 Day Journal Series to help you Amplify Your Slay

 Success is not built on hopes, but on the willingness to overcome, educate, and set clear intentions on your vision and goals.


Rediscover journaling to help you on your path to success.


Old-School Style, New-You Success


What are you missing in your journey to success?  Sometimes you just have to strip away all the distractions, quiet your mind, focus your thoughts, and allow answers to flow to you in order to move ahead, embrace change, and step forward to the life you are meant to embrace.

It's time to strip away all the fluff and get back to basics.

Slay EVERY day no matter what.  ...and the one thing that no one can take from you?  Self-Investment.

Let's get to work, OK?    Let's find and use those fabulous gold nuggets that are going to change your life and help you get started to building that dream, that life, that passionate work you intended to pursue years ago.

You don't have to wait, you can start today.

No more regrets, wishes, and empty hopes.  Success reserves itself to the girl who is willing to put in the work, because...

The best work you'll ever do is the work you do on YOU.





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Receive a different journal every 30 days. 

7 Day Slay Journals

Available in an Online Academy and as a PDF downloadable document.

7 Day Slay Gratitude Journal
7 Day Slay Money & Worth Journal
7 Day Slay Mindset Journal

Mindset will catapult us forward or keep us crying in our not-so-sparkling water.
You won't get far if you're still hanging with the wrong crowd, living stuck in vicious cycles, or dreaming small.
Girl, mindset is EVERYTHING!

Gratitude can have us settling or push us to slaying.  

Get your gratitude groove working to propel you forward instead of keeping you stuck.

Old ways of thinking won't open new doors. Give yourself a reboot to your money story & your worth. Start creating new opportunity in your life during this week.

7 Day Slay Confidence Journal