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online business, making money, and branding.



We are Melanie Edwards and Stacie Simons Segall, the creators and founders of #GlamGirlBoss and The UnLeashed Woman.

To help women with an online business in branding, building, and standing out from their competition to help them get more clients/customers and earn bigger profits - Make Bank!


Our backgrounds and expertise include branding, intellectual property, business incubators, start-ups, expert web-design, sales, marketing copy, sales funnels, E-Commerce, mindset training, social media, and business launches. ​

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WELCOME TO  #GlamGirlBoss.


Are you a woman in your 40's - 50's+ ?

Hop over and check out The UnLeashed Woman

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Since finding GlamGirlBoss, I’ve experienced success. Without them or their support, I know I would’ve quit by now. I have not once missed a Facebook Live, training or group with them and I am not about to start! These ladies are amazing and know their stuff!  Someday I hope to meet them and many of the ladies I have trained with!

~ Kathy F

Kathy F

...I have learned so much and will constantly review the valuable information GlamGirlBoss provided!

~ Michelle A

Michelle A

This group gave me so much clarity! -Such useful information and presented in a way that just made sense! I enjoyed the tasks. They were not time-consuming and didn't require a lot of effort, but doing them brought me leaps and bounds in my business development! -I'm so glad I stuck it out, and that I was able to do this training with [you]! -It was so helpful seeing what the other members were saying too! -Thanks again for doing this group!

~ Crystal C

Crystal C
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