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#GlamGirlBoss Business

Transformation Program


5, 6, 7+ figures in revenue.  How big is your dream and how many zeros do you need to make that dream happen?


Dreams                       Reality

Our Business Is Growing Your Business.

When building the life you REALLY want isn't going anywhere - except in circles.


2 things we see:


  1. The majority of women dream of it but have no idea how to make it happen. 

  2. We see A LOT of women who are working in the WRONG space trying to make money happen.


Invested a ton of money with no return

Feel like you'll never have the time to grow your business the way you want and need

Underwater and in debt trying to reach your dream 

About to close the doors on your business

Stressed from chasing down business and worrying every month if you'll make it.

Losing sleep and anxiety over your business.

Lack of passion and feel stuck


Miserable in your J.O.B.

Have always dreamed of having your own business, product, or service but lack of belief in yourself or to know where to begin scares and paralyzes you.


You want to stop meandering and cut straight to the point, do the REAL work that matters in reaching your goals.

We're Not You're Regular Coach

...and we don't want to be.

We are Melanie Edwards, and Stacie Simons Segall, the founders of #GlamGirlBoss


We aren't looking to just "coach" you...we want to TRANSFORM you.


We're serious about your success.


Although we bring our own unique outlooks, experiences, & expertise to business, branding, social media, marketing/website design, direct sales, online business presence, intellectual property to each person we work with, we have learned through the years of working with clients, that we have an ability to see beyond the minutiae.


We are visionaries....and bigger than the vision that will open your eyes to the big pictures and opportunities that are right in front of you, but the know-how when it comes to implementing them into tangible, & profitable action.


We understand what women deal with and the mindsets they must overcome in order to step up and claim their greatness.  


It's time to step up and claim yours.


Experience the power of a successful partnership and synergy that makes #GlamGirlBoss tick.  


Tired of starting and stopping? Tired of feeling pulled in too many directions that seem to get you nowhere? Tired of fumbling through generalized advice and trying to apply it to your business?  


By working directly with us, you can get the transformation in your business and your life that you've been spending years chasing. 


It's Your Turn for Results.


We're Not Just Giving You Information...

We're Giving Your A Transformation

This isn't an informational program.


Programs have great information, but they rely on you working them alone and then applying to your own unique business.


We work with you.


We are your mentors helping you to...


  1. Work in alignment with your passions and strategically play to your strengths.

  2. Stay in mindsets that keep you moving forward and staying unstoppable.

  3. Keep you in the game and accountable - and not letting you get in your own way.

  4. Achieve goals that will help you transform your life. 

2 Steps To Start

1. Complete The Application: Fill out the application below so that we can hone in immediately on the call and addressing your needs.


2.  Schedule Your Free Discovery Call

Discovery calls allow us to get to know you better, tap into your big vision and goals, and answer questions. 

These calls are short but powerful, revealing ideas and strategy for the work ahead that will transform your goals into a reality. 



To earn big you have to think big...and think differently.  We help you remove the thoughts and all the "rules" you've placed around you, your business, and your money.  We make sure you get out of your own way.


What's been missing?  We uncover goldmines of profit so that you will know where you should be making money, and feeling energized around it.


A creation process that hones in on your brand, voice, message, and audience...even if you thought you already had this established.  

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Creating a definable and repeatable PROCESS to give consistency to your business.  This applies to traffic/leads, conversions, and sales.


You won't make an impact or an income sitting on the sidelines.  With a process in place, you can launch with excitement and confidence. 


When you're ready, it's time to take the process and scale it.  Taking things next level to reaching and surpassing your income goals.

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Welcome To Your Transformation

Women are...

Creating ...






It's your turn.

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Smiling Business Woman
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Once you complete the application, we will reach out to you and schedule your call.



Mentor Application
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