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A 3-Month Intensive That Gives You One Option,


Achieve more in 3 months than most will in an entire year.

More Visibility, More Customers, More Recruits.


What Is It?

A 3-Month group coaching intensive specifically designed for women with direct sales/network marketing businesses.  


Its sole purpose is to remove meandering and guesswork and speed up your growth & earning at an exponential rate.


Unlock the success blueprint that will set yourself UP as a boss and set yourself APART as a leader by:

  • Eliminating old die-hard tactics that women HATE using to grow a business, and

  • Focus your energy on areas that give you the biggest bang for your buck (literally).

Bottom Line...

It's BIGGER...WAY bigger than pushing someone else's product, it's about YOU and how you can authentically SHINE and STAND OUT as a leader in your space while actively attracting people into your business.


In a saturated marketplace of everyone selling everything, people are tired of it...ignoring it all, including you.  

That's why now more than ever it's CRUCIAL to set yourself apart, know who you are, bring authenticity, value, a strong message, and branding that most just aren't doing (or trying but doing it poorly). 


Massive growth requires massive CLARITY -

Broken down into daily work that will multiply the growth of your business, eliminate crazy work schedules, and guilt that surrounds your business, and raise your boss mindset pouring confidence into every critical aspect of your business.


Who Is It For?


  • Ready to get uncomfortable, get crazy traction in her business, & achieve significant growth that smashes her goals.


  • Who is prepared to invest, work and reap the rewards of solid fundamentals necessary for running and succeeding with a direct sales business.


  • Who has a zero excuses policy when it comes to achieving her goals and is ready and willing to run with us.

 For The Ambitious Woman...
...Who Wants It All.

Uplevel  Your Game

Uplevel  Your Impact

Uplevel  Your Income

White Washed Wood

What Does It Include?



  • 3-months of group coaching by #GlamGirlBoss with Stacie Simons Segall and Melanie Edwards SPECIFIC to owning, running, and growing a direct sales/network marketing business.

  • Hands-on, daily detailed exercises.

  • Once-a-week group training calls to help you nail down that week's training and Q&A. 




  • How to sign people in an hour.

  • How to sell without selling.

  • Branding and standing apart from everyone else in your business.

  • How to build your tribe and have people hanging off your every word.

  • Make more money working less by learning how to manage your time like a boss.

  • Getting and keeping customers that love you.

  • How to make live videos work for you and grow your business.

Blueprints  &  Training:
VIP Option Available

Upgrade and fast-track your results by adding 3 private 30-minute 2:1 coaching video calls with Stacie and Melanie.

Calls specific to YOU - Your Branding, Your Message - Your Business.

  1. Millionaire Mindset.

  2. The High-Performance Woman Tips.  


5 Spots Available To The First 5 Who Sign Up:

Copy of YT Channel Graphics.png

A free 30-Minute video call with Stacie & Melanie to look at your business.

Our business is growing your business.

What Can You Expect?

You can expect to be taught everything above, but here's what you can expect as a side-effect of going "all in."


  • When you step up you show up.  Discover new awakenings, new opportunities, and new milestones achieved just because you stepped up to work & exist in a high vibe environment - yeah, it really DOES work like that.


  • Powerful mastermind energy.   A HUGE benefit of a group like this is being surrounded by other women like you.  Want to be pushed forward faster? Then only surround yourself with the very best, no excuses, get out of my way - here I come, group. 


  • The confidence of a true boss - that you will proudly own, 💯.  Many believe they have the true boss, businesswoman mindset, but still, find themselves getting in their own way to success. 

Watch the walls come down - what's in your way now?


How Much  $  Do  Your Dreams Require?

NOT How Much $ SOUNDS Like Enough

Too many (and possibly you) think WAY too small.  Whether you grew up thinking $50,000 was a lot of money or even making $1,000/month in your business is "enough."


Girl, your dreams require money, and whether that's to send your kids to private school and travel around the globe or to give it all away to still requires money.


Does your dream need $100K?  $500K?  A MILLION?


3 months with us will have you busting through poor money/broke mindsets into thinking BIG but also knowing EXACTLY what you need to do to on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis to make it happen.

Mindset  + Goals  + Earnings = Your Dreams

Who Is This NOT For?

We take our coaching and your success seriously, so we are picky about who we work with.


Many want results but few are willing to do what it takes to actually get them.


Even though we have a passion to help ALL women succeed, we realize that not everyone is ready...and that's OK.  But we coach women ready and willing to step into her greatness now.


  • Those who would rather make excuses for why they can't grow their business.

  • Those not willing to stop listening to bad advice given by others, possibly including their upline.

  • Those who refuse to dive in and own their business and take full responsibility for it and themselves in every capacity.

  • Those who are comfortable where they are.  This also applies to those who SAY they want change but actions prove the opposite.

  • Those who aren't interested in being a leader in their space.


Bottom line, we'll have you running your business WAY beyond small commissions and signing a team-member here-and-there, but building an ORGANIZATION that will change lives, yours included.

This isn't for:

A Message from #GlamGirlBoss


We're Melanie Edwards & Stacie Simons Segall, the founders of #GlamGirlBoss.


Business & Branding Experts

BusinessBranding&Bossing-Up (1).png

We know what it takes to be seen and to stand out from everyone else.  We also have a strong background Direct Sales and know hands-on the unique criteria for successfully growing a direct sales business in today's marketplace.

We have a huge passion for empowering and teaching women to (and how to) take action.  We know the fears, the struggle with confidence, the overwhelmed feelings of being able to actually do it all..and we remove the minutia and cut straight to the chase to get you results FASTER.

We're here to give you a solid hand-up.  It's time you own your #GlamGirlBoss.

We look forward to working with you to uplevel your and your business.

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