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#GlamGirlBoss Elite Graduates are women who have stepped up for themselves and their businesses. 


Owning it, no excuses, ready to work, ready to Slay.


They are the women who showed up daily and never missed an assignment.


We love showing off all the fabulous, hard-working women who have slayed #GlamGirlBoss Trainings and Events.


Our wall is growing!  Will YOU be joining it?

Elite Wall

Stacie and Melanie, thank you so much for this week! It has truly been eye opening and so helpful! It's amazing what you find out about yourself when you really stop and look! I am so much more focused and know what I need to do to get where I deserve to be! --❤ #BelieveCreateInspire #slay

Wendy W

Slay Your Mindset To Slay Your  Business

...I have learned so much and will constantly review the valuable information GlamGirlBoss provided!

Michelle A

Slay Your Direct Sales Business

In reading Day 3 and Day 4 of the [7 Day SLAY Mindset] journal entries, I realized that I have trimmed down people who are against me and I have turned away from a job that was killing me and decided that I was worth more than that. Then, yesterday, I found out that it took 3 people to replace me at my previous job! That actually invigorated me, validated me and gave me a fresh view of myself...that I haven't lost my ability to do challenging work and that I still have "it" in me to succeed. Praying about what's next for me, but this has been a great week of self-reflection and gaining discipline in making time for myself."  :)

Julia H

7 Day Slay (Mindset) Journal

This was such an amazing group!!!! -I learned so much in a short time, [a]nd the community was just as amazing. ..all the ladies here are fabulous and cheered everyone else was simply awesome!! Thank you so much for this was wonderful! 🙌🏼 💗


Tausha B

Slay Your Direct Sales Business

I am super excited that I invested in myself and Slay week came across my path at the right time. Thank you for all that you do! :)

~ Social Media Slay


This boot camp has been an affirmation but using kind words and thoughts from you ladies and I know you are supporting my success. Thank you for everything

~ Busy & Broke Girls Bootcamp


April A

I just wanted to let you know that since I started this exercise of letting go of things, ridding myself of things that have been weighing on my mind I find myself going to bed and falling asleep. I don't lay there thinking about things like I used too. This has been amazing for me, so Thank you!

Lora D

7 Day Slay (Mindset) Journal

This group gave me so much clarity! -Such useful information and presented in a way that just made sense! I enjoyed the tasks. They were not time-consuming and didn't require a lot of effort, but doing them brought me leaps and bounds in my business development! -I'm so glad I stuck it out, and that I was able to do this training with [you]! -It was so helpful seeing what the other members were saying too! -Thanks again for doing this group!

Crystal C

Slay Your Direct Sales Business

The main reason I went to Palm Springs was for me to support my awesome friend/coach who was a guest speaker and figure out how to step up my business. Instead, I was seriously unLeashed by #GlamGirlBoss. I found myself in tears when the truth came out - my fears, my goals, my whys, etc. I was truly shocked by my self-discovery. Thanks, Melanie and Stacie working your magic on me. I can't wait for the future of your legendary events. Cheers to an exciting journey and new friends.



Joan C

7 Day Slay (Mindset) Journal


Since finding GlamGirlBoss, I’ve experienced success. Without them or their support, I know I would’ve quit by now. I have not once missed a Facebook Live, training or group with them and I am not about to start! These ladies are amazing and know their stuff!  Someday I hope to meet them and many of the ladies I have trained with!


Kathy F

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