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All VIP Exclusive Experience




For 10 Women Ready to Amplify Their Slay.


Stop Working HARDER, Work SMARTER.




Hone Your Hustle is a 2.5 day VIP event for 10 women ready to pour massive action into their business for next level ownership.  


Personal, small-group, highly interactive, intensive setting to individually help 10 women hone in on clear branding, social media, marketing, building their tribe, their online presence & more.  


Working directly with YOU and YOUR business, plus a small round-table mastermind experience to raise you to a new level.

When you're focused, you're unstoppable.


Walk away with concrete accomplished work towards building your empire and a hustle that's 💯.


Amplify Your Slay

Maybe you've been fumbling getting off the ground, or possibly doing OK with your business, but have never really honed in on setting yourself apart from all the other "girl bosses" out there.  


Success Plays Favorites...And It Favors The BOLD.  

Are you ready to:

• Step into boldness?

• Take massive action?

• Invest in your business in a way that will set you apart?


Hone your Hustle so that when you work it counts, pushes your forward, and steps you daily closer to your success goals?

We'll Work Specifically with YOU and YOUR BUSINESS in the Following Areas:


Do you have your branding nailed down & clear? Your brand, your voice, your message, and your audience count on it. Working directly with you to lead you to your brand and branding message that's in line with your business.


Your name...your brand can be THE most valuable asset you own. We'll spend time breaking it down and helping you learn how you can protect yourself and your branding.


Social media work that will support your branding, speak your message, attract, and grow your tribe to create a movement that others want to be a part of.  Including ads and growing your presence online.


Growing your list, creating freemiums, email marketing, and social media marketing - finding your customers who are ready to work with you.


We'll take the fear out of choosing a domain name, investing in hosting and a website. If you already have a site, then a look at your site, feedback, and tweaks to increase customer draw, experience, and conversions.


The VIP Experience doesn't start AT the event, it begins BEFORE the event. Prepping you beforehand with critical clarity work so that when you arrive, you're ready to hit the ground running. Plus, you'll also gain power from the community of other highly vibrant women. Feel and be fed by the high energy.

"If you don't sacrifice for what you want, then what you want becomes the sacrifice."

It's Next Level  

If you're reading this you're SERIOUS. You're HUNGRY. Unlike most who kinda want it, satisfied with the status quo, accepted life "as is," or more interested in focusing on hardships and haters than the hustle, you're here wanting to know more.  


You're next level. You welcome the work because NOT succeeding is NOT an option.  


NOTE: We're limiting Hone Your Hustle to ONLY 10 women because we want to be able to work and give great attention to each and every woman present and work with them specifically to their business, message, and passion.

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Led By #GlamGirlBoss  


What sets #GlamGirlBoss apart from everyone else? You get TWO for the price of one.  


Double the slay, double the hustle, double the knowledge, and double the fun.  


The founders of #GlamGirlBoss, Melanie Edwards and Stacie Simons Segall will bring their own experiences, expertise, & strategy in business, branding, social media, marketing/website design, and intellectual property to walk you through it all, not to mention the kick in the boss-pants you need to respect yourself and your time as a successful business owner and boss that you are.


Tired of starting and stopping? Tired of feeling pulled in too many directions that you seem to get nowhere? Tired of fumbling through bits and pieces of advice and trying to apply them to your business?  

Then it's time for you to Hone Your Hustle.


Included with your Hone Your Hustle Registration, you will automatically receive admission to the UnLeashed Event 


VIP Event Upgrade Experience. Front row seating, early access to sessions, bonus dinner, cocktails, and more.



You don't have to let it come to an end. Spend the week with #GlamGirlBoss getting the full upgrade for you & your business.  


Don't worry, you'll still get plenty of pool time and "Me Time"...which is built into UnLeashed.  


Enjoy extra special treatment as a VIP! Special up-front seating, extra cocktails, and event with #GlamGirlBoss, provided lunches, and MORE!

$900 Value

We'll Be   Saving A

Seat For You!

Frequently Asked Questions:

When and Where will the event be held?  

• The event date and location is yet to be determined.  Join the Waitlist to be the loop and learn of it's release.


What will the dress code be?  

• First of all, dress in a way that makes you feel fabulous and totally you...but don't worry, we will set up a private Facebook group just for those attending so everyone can chat and get details before and up-to the event.  



What if I register for Hone Your Hustle, but can't attend the UnLeashed Event?

• If you are unable to attend the UnLeashed Event portion that weekend, you may transfer your ticket to another person, or roll your UnLeashed ticket to the next UnLeashed Event.


What if I purchase a ticket and end up having to cancel, and is the ticket transferable?  

• Refunds will be accepted until 1 month before event date.  After this date, tickets are non-refundable. A full refund will be available if you purchased the one-time payment. For any payment option chosen, you will be refunded the ticket cost minus any interest charged. Tickets ARE transferable to another person.  

* First Come First Serve - 10 spots available, no exceptions - Once event is filled, registration will close.

**If you register and are somehow unable to attend, you do have the option to roll your registration to the next HYH event.  


When you Hone Your Hustle, you will create massive strides of critical groundwork that is necessary to make you and your business stand apart. 

Step Up and Step Out as the Female Entrepreneur You Are Meant To Be.  

We're Going To Amplify Your Slay!

Here's What You Can Expect When You Register For Hone Your Hustle

2.5 day weekend VIP event with #GlamGirlBoss.

Individualized training specific to YOU and YOUR business.


Social Media, Trademark, Marketing

(email & social media),

Domains & Website.

Dinner, Cocktails, and Q&A with #GlamGirlBoss. Plus surprise VIP extras.

Private pre-event group specific to event for pre-work so at the event we hit the ground running.

Networking++ Spend a weekend with other high vibe women, mastermind, & creation, and new friends wanting you to succeed.

+ BONUS +  

(Valued at $900)


Free admission to the UnLeashed Event following Hone Your Hustle, and all that comes with regular UnLeashed Registration.



Free upgrade to VIP Status during the UnLeashed Event. Providing Front row seating, early access to sessions, bonus dinner, cocktails, and more.




  • 6 Days

  • 2 Events 

  • Focused Biz Building -

  • Biz Changing

  • Life Changing

  • Girl Power

  • VIP

  • Exclusive

  • Networking Event

  • 100% #GlamGirlBoss.

You will have a choice between paying in full or our convenient 3 monthly payments of $350.

Find out when the next Hone Your Hustle Event will released!


 Get on the Waitlist!

A Message from #GlamGirlBoss

We're Melanie Edwards & Stacie Simons Segall, the founders of #GlamGirlBoss.


Girl, we've learned the hard way!  

We've messed up, thrown our hands up, and even almost given up. Seriously, we've been all OVER the map here. A bumpy road for us, but great news for you!  

We've tried it the hard way...but girl, have we learned amazing and priceless lessons that we can't wait to teach you!  

We are planning the VIP Hone Your Hustle Live Event because we are passionate about helping women succeed. Especially women who have been or feel they have been "counted out" as someone who could be successful.


It's time to stop looking at others who are creating a name and image for themselves while you ask yourself if success is even meant for you. We believe all women can stand out in their own way to a market that needs exactly what they have to offer.  

We have a huge passion for empowering women to jump and take action. We know the fears, the struggle with confidence, the overwhelmed feelings of being able to actually do it all. Because we understand, we're here.


We're here to give you a hand up. We're here to cheer you on as you own your #GlamGirlBoss.

We look forward to working with you to elevate your business.

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