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Introducing the #GlamGirlBoss Mentorship Program


From Struggle to SLAY

Increase Your Influence, Impact, and Income.


You asked we listened!  We are excited to open up our mentorship strategy program to even MORE women!   


Our passion is to help women not just believe in their potential but to take action and make it a reality...and we want to help women see this happen.


We see and hear a lot in our conversations with women:  Lack of time, not knowing where to start, confused about where to direct energy and frustration with a lack of growth and money.


The struggle doesn't have to be real, but the hustle does (when applied in the RIGHT areas).


You want to stop meandering and cut straight to the point, do the REAL work that matters in reaching your you're ready to #GlamGirlBoss UP your business.

Stop Stumbling, Start Soaring

Ready to REALLY Launch Your Business?

What sets #GlamGirlBoss apart from everyone else?

Double the Slay, Double the Hustle, Double the Knowledge, - Double the Boss -

Inside Every Live Video Coaching Call


The founders of #GlamGirlBoss, Melanie Edwards and Stacie Simons Segall, will bring their own experiences & expertise in business, branding, social media, marketing/website design, direct sales, online business presence, and intellectual property to walk you through it all, not to mention the kick in the boss-pants you need to respect yourself and your time as a successful business owner and boss that you are.


Experience the power of a successful partnership and synergy that makes #GlamGirlBoss tick.  

Tired of starting and stopping? Tired of feeling pulled in too many directions that seem to get you nowhere? Tired of fumbling through generalized advice and trying to apply it to your business?  

Now you can change that by working directly with us.

Are you ready to invest in yourself and your business to take it to a new level?

We now offer options of 1, 3, and 6-month mentorship packages to help you up-level specific to YOU and YOUR business.


Where we work with you determines the direction you want to take your business. What areas of weakness you need to hone in on, discover and play on your strengths,  open up new ideas and revenue streams, and create a smart process for you to focus your time & energy.


You will be able to skip the bits and pieces of information you gather on the web or social media and build from the knowledge and experience of #GlamGirlBoss.