Introducing the #GlamGirlBoss Mentorship Program


From Struggle to SLAY

Increase Your Influence, Impact, and Income.


You asked we listened!  We are excited to open up our mentorship strategy program to even MORE women!   


Our passion is to help women not just believe in their potential but to take action and make it a reality...and we want to help women see this happen.


We see and hear a lot in our conversations with women:  Lack of time, not knowing where to start, confused about where to direct energy and frustration with a lack of growth and money.


The struggle doesn't have to be real, but the hustle does (when applied in the RIGHT areas).


You want to stop meandering and cut straight to the point, do the REAL work that matters in reaching your you're ready to #GlamGirlBoss UP your business.

Stop Stumbling, Start Soaring

Ready to REALLY Launch Your Business?

What sets #GlamGirlBoss apart from everyone else?

Double the Slay, Double the Hustle, Double the Knowledge, - Double the Boss -

Inside Every Live Video Coaching Call


The founders of #GlamGirlBoss, Melanie Edwards and Stacie Simons Segall, will bring their own experiences & expertise in business, branding, social media, marketing/website design, direct sales, online business presence, and intellectual property to walk you through it all, not to mention the kick in the boss-pants you need to respect yourself and your time as a successful business owner and boss that you are.


Experience the power of a successful partnership and synergy that makes #GlamGirlBoss tick.  

Tired of starting and stopping? Tired of feeling pulled in too many directions that seem to get you nowhere? Tired of fumbling through generalized advice and trying to apply it to your business?  

Now you can change that by working directly with us.

Are you ready to invest in yourself and your business to take it to a new level?

We now offer options of 1, 3, and 6-month mentorship packages to help you up-level specific to YOU and YOUR business.


Where we work with you determines the direction you want to take your business. What areas of weakness you need to hone in on, discover and play on your strengths,  open up new ideas and revenue streams, and create a smart process for you to focus your time & energy.


You will be able to skip the bits and pieces of information you gather on the web or social media and build from the knowledge and experience of #GlamGirlBoss.

3 Steps

To Your Business Transformation

1. Choose Your Plan: PINK (1 Month - Choose either Branding or Social Media), SILVER (3 Month), OR BLACK (6 Month) Level Mentorship.

Choose a plan based on the scope of what your business needs and how much you want to work through, as-well-as your budget.


Each plan consists of a 30 minute weekly highly focused Zoom Video Call with Stacie & Melanie, along with a game plan & work for the next week's call.


2.  Complete the Mentorship Discovery Application

This application sets the tone for your mentorship. Helping you to better discover a beginning point, and giving us the information needed to determine your options for the direction of your mentorship.


3. Choose your payment structure.  Choose which payment structure best suits your budget. Once your first payment is received, you will be contacted to set up your first call. 


Do you have your branding nailed down & clear? Your brand, your voice, your message, and your audience count on it. Working directly with you to lead you to your brand and branding message that's in line with your business.


Your name...your brand can be THE most valuable asset you own. We'll spend time breaking it down and helping you learn how you can protect yourself and your branding.

Social Media

Social media work that will support your branding, speak your message, attract, and grow your tribe to create a movement that others want to be a part of.  Including ads and growing your presence online.

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Growing your list, creating freemiums, email marketing, and social media marketing - finding your customers who are ready to work with you.

Website & Domains

We'll take the fear out of choosing a domain name, investing in hosting and a website. If you already have a site, then a look at your site, feedback, and tweaks to increase customer draw, experience, and conversions.


Discover a new vision surrounding your business & heart-centered passions.  Talking through and discovering new ideas, passions, strengths, and more can reveal new business directions, discovering things to let go of,  and a renewed fire towards purpose and goals.  

Taking new vision and creating a game plan, moving you in a renewed or new and exciting direction.  

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Welcome To Your

Personalized Mentorship

Your Mentorship Package Comes Packed With:


• Personalized evaluation and plan based on your package of choice. 


•  The package chosen will determine the number of topics we work with you on for your business.


•  1 highly focused 30-minute call per week. 


•  PINK    | 1 Month = 4 Calls    

•  SILVER | 3 Months = 12 Calls  

•  BLACK | 6 Months = 24 Calls


•  Every live video call includes BOTH Stacie & Melanie.


•  Takeaway work for you and your business after every call to be completed by the following week's call.


•  Every call and homework given will be specific to growing and leveling up your business.



Special Pricing

Special pricing expires 12/31/2017.  All mentor pkg purchases in 2017 will be grandfathered into 2018 at 2017 price point.

Let's Get You Started!

You Could Be Scheduling Your

1st #GlamGirlBoss Live Call Today!



2018 Price Increase.

Join now to be grandfathered in at 2017 prices!







We'll talk to you soon!

Stacie & Melanie



A Message from #GlamGirlBoss

We're Melanie Edwards & Stacie Simons Segall, the founders of #GlamGirlBoss.


Girl, we've learned the hard way!  

We've messed up, thrown our hands up, and even almost given up. Seriously, we've been all OVER the map here. A bumpy road for us, but great news for you!  

We've tried it the hard way...but girl, have we learned amazing and priceless lessons that we can't wait to teach you!  

We are excited to offer mentoring because we are passionate about helping women succeed. Especially women who have been or feel they have been "counted out" as someone who could be successful.


It's time to stop looking at others who are creating a name and image for themselves while you ask yourself if success is even meant for you. We believe all women can stand out in their own way to a market that needs exactly what they have to offer.  

We have a huge passion for empowering women to jump and take action. We know the fears, the struggle with confidence, the overwhelmed feelings of being able to actually do it all. Because we understand, we're here.


We're here to give you a hand up. We're here to cheer you on as you own your #GlamGirlBoss.

We look forward to working with you to elevate your business.

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