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I Think, Therefore I Glam

As Descartes said, "I think, therefore I am." to prove our existance. We are a being of thought. We have the ability to make decisions simple and complex.

We can deduce and take action, have dreams and aspirations, opinions, as well as carry memories good and bad that effect our present thoughts and actions.

Our existance for many of us though becomes simply that...existance.

We stop dreaming. We look at life as a smack of reality in our faces. We fear failure, success, judgment, rejection and find ourselves "living" more in a paralyzed state while at the same time WISHING we could do, have, or be more.

We have learned the hard way that this IS the hard way.

  • It's not easy living in fear or feeling stuck.

  • It's not easy hating where we are, frustrated by things we want to do yet can't seem to do or get ahead.

  • It's not easy being evious of others who seem to "have it together" and everything works out for them.

  • It's not easy struggling financially and wondering when your break will come.

  • It's not easy being protective of the reasons we are still where we are to justify why we aren't where we truly want to be.


Change is personal and change is uncomfortable. Until we are TRULY READY to overcome the challenge of the change, and the discomfort we must face to climb that infamous brick wall, we must resign to life as it is.

We are the agent of change. We may choose to merely exist or to LIVE.

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