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Auto Pilot Lifestyle and Why It's Doing You a Huge Disservice

How can you admit you do something if you don't even realize you do it?

I'm talking about living on "auto-pilot".

Auto pilot living is nothing more than going through the motions of day-in and day-out living. Not too different from driving on auto-pilot. Have you ever reached your destination and then realized you barely remember driving there?

I think we've all done it and we still do it. We have a million things going on at once in our minds. Between our to-do list at work, the boss needs this, grocery list, new school clothes, the kids sport's schedules, family issues, and a so many other things that suck us into our own little world, we lose the full awareness of the present moment.

But that's not the only disservice that the auto-pilot lifestyle has for us.

We aren't living on purpose.

Should this even matter to you?

Are you happy or comfortable with where you are this current moment and do you read this wishing that something would give in your life or wonder why you're in the same place you were last year at this time?

Letting life push us around and constantly responding to it, living in a state of defensiveness and reaction.

Sound familiar?

We live busy lives and take little to no time for ourselves, and when we do, it's rarely for reflection, growing ourselves, and having those conversations with those who push us to really ask ourselves those hard questions we tend to push away because the truth hurts.

Our reality is built on an "ignorance is bliss" foundation and then years later we find ourselves living in a fog with no direction and no little hope of getting out of.

  • The hardest part to face is our truths.

  • The hardest thing to do is to finally let go of old The comforting mindsets that have been holding us back.

  • The hardest thing to do is to take a hard look at our past and reflect. To take a step back and see those patterns in our life when we fell back into bad habits or what clicked when we cleaned things up.

Bottom line, being fully present and disengaging auto-pilot is certainly more than hitting a button, but being completely deliberate in taking the time to work on ourselves and be disciplined enough to do it.

Now you just need to ask yourself if where you currently are where you want to be are the same and if you're finally ready to take the wheel to your life.


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