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Luck Is The Easy Way Out


We either have it or we don't.

Beyond the obvious lucky lottery winners, we use the term loosely. We describe "lucky" for those who seem to get to do more or have more than us. We throw it around when describing those who seem to have it easier, to those whose life seems more seamless than ours.

We desire a break, wait for our "luck to change"...but somehow it never does. As soon as things start to give us a break, we find ourselves being hit with our luck of unlucky, AGAIN.

For those who seem lucky from the outside, they would more-than-likely tell you it's not luck at all.

You see, for the "LUCKY", luck is an easy way out. Luck takes life, choice, decisions, ambition, and more out of our hands.

LUCK, removes all responsibiity...and for those who appear lucky, they are far from the type to sit back and let fate happen to them.

The lucky have problems. The lucky are hit with illnesses, the economy, loss, starting over, etc.

But the lucky always bounce back.

They create their own luck because the "lucky" believe that there is no such thing as "unlucky", it's a dip, an event...something that is temporary and a lesson to grow from and become better. An opportunity even to discover a new path, open new doors to a new idea to bigger and better opportunities.

  • Luck is grit, determination, open-mindedness, and the willingness to jump into fear.

  • Luck is open and honest hard looks in the mirror to work on yourself the most.

  • Luck is removing blame from everything and everyone else.

  • Luck is belief in limitlessness, outside the box, and pushing beyond doubt.

So you see, luck isn't really luck at all.

Luck isn't winning without effort.

Luck is first a way of thinking, and second, that way of thinking translated and applied into everyday living.


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