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Opportunities Available

Does opportunity feel vague, non-existent, only for the lucky, or too out of reach for you?

Opportunity is EVERYWHERE, and more-than-likely there are many opportunities available​ to you now that you may or may not even see.

We all see it or don't see opportunities based on our focus, our thoughts, our pasts, and our present circumstances.

We are focused on life, kids, going to work, paying bills, making ends meet, past hurts, scars that still feel fresh, lack of understanding, fears of the unknown, lack of confidence, and simply writing ourselves out of the equation due to lack of belief in our ability or understanding.

Opportunity is for the person who sees it. Opportunity isn't held back on's more-or-less reserved for the woman who is not just looking for it, but willing to find it and move on it.

Opportunity sits right behind a door, a window, an obstacle, a question, and some answers just ahead.

  • Opportunity is just outside of your comfort zone.

  • Opportunity lies in wait for the person who is seeking it.

  • Opportunity rewards the risk-takers whether small or big.

  • Opportunity lies in wait for you to make your move.

Are you:

- Focused to find opportunity?

- Open and available to it?

- Willing to do the work to discover it?

- Willing to take a few nervous steps outside your comfort zone to see it?

Maybe it's time to start. Start believing that opportunity is there waiting for you, right now...ready to make it worth your while and ambition when you finally see it and grab it.


Find your focus and start opening your eyes to new opportunities. Work on yourself, how you think, how you see, and what you see by joining our 7 Day Slay Journal SLAYscription. Invest today, thrive tomorrow.

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