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3 Steps to Giving Your Dreams a Promotion

You may be wishing for a life of travel and leisure, maybe a chance to do something spectacular, or possibly just never worry about bills again while working a job that feels fulfilling, worthwhile...and well, not so much like a J.O.B.

Everyone wishes for something, but many have lost hope and resigned to life being "as is".

How do the dreamers do it? How do they retain hope, vision, and enough to even ACT on it?

How do you even BEGIN to take a dream to the next step and create a reality around it?

Well, it's not hocus-pocus, but we think that these 3 steps can help you get started.

Create a Vision Board / Dream Board. No matter what you want to call it, the brain needs some pictures, especially if you lack in imagination. But even if you are the imagination queen, every girl needs to see it to believe it.

• Google vision boards if you need help in creating one.

• Create a collage on an app on your phone.

• Open a new board on Pinterest.

• Or go old school and buy a poster board, maybe some magazines, or print off from the web and paste to your board.

No matter how you make it, place it somewhere where you'll view it often.

Don't Skip Personal Development.

OK, you may roll your eyes here, but again...whether you choose to believe it works or not, it DOES actually work...girl, you have to take our word for it. Those achieving their dreams or on the road to success all have this in common.

You see, cycles that keep you stuck, not believing in yourself, or even down to not believing you have anything that people would ever want to buy from all boils down to how you THINK. Consider doing personal development a few minutes a day. Fuel your mind like you have to fuel your car or your body. It all matters, and quality determines outcome.

• So go visit your local library, sign up for a book club, we love Kindle Unlimited and Audible. Check them out. The small investment will pay off!

Say Yes To Journaling. Yes, it feels and sounds old school, but...IT WORKS. Taking the time to write about hopes, dreams, frustrations, what you're dealing with, what you're learning from it, where you want to go, ideas etc...processing it helps move it forward FASTER.

Want to discover your real passions, your true dream job, a-ha's on a product you can create, or how to work from home? Help process it, dream it, and create it by writing it down!

• Now, let's put pen to paper, make it on your computer or a note on your phone, or join a journaling group like the #GlamGirlBoss 7 Day Slay journaling SLAYscription and get things moving!

So now it's time to get started! Sure you can skip one, two or all of these, but really it boils down to how much you want to improve who you are and where you're going.

All you have to do is ask if where you currently are is where you intend to stay, and if not...then it's time to get busy. Now, embrace the journey and #getitgirl!


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