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Gratitude - Making us Settle or Slay?

November, the month of GRATITUDE.

This is the month that so many of us stop, reflect, and say "THANK YOU!".

But has gratitude quite possibly become a stumbling block?

I know it seems strange to think that something like being grateful can even be a hold-up for people, but it was for us, and we feel that we can't be the only ones.

Let us explain

Being grateful should mean more than just sometimes a phrase we use as a blow-off to our circumstances to help us feel better about our circumstances.

It's when gratitude meets the mindset of being blessed enough to give more. That doesn't mean wait until you're making 6 figures on that business, there's no drama in the family, etc. Life never stops happening. But to start where we are. To be faithful with what we have NOW.

Once we start putting feet under out gratitude - paying it forward and looking at ourselves as being blessed enough to do more, give more, help more, be more...Slay more.

Gratitude should...

  • become a driving force of inspiration.

  • flips the focus from scarcity and what we don't have to abundance and what we are blessed to have

  • start the cycle of giving

  • start the cycle of receiving

  • be used as starting blocks for us to show up

  • not be another version of saying "Oh well" and giving up

  • help us refocus and draw more to be grateful for into our lives

  • motivate us to Slay --- Not to settle

We know, it's a process to make that gratitude shift. It doesn't happen overnight, but daily practice of it DOES begin to rewrite daily stories and transform future stories.

Gratitude can become a powerful tool

in helping you DESIGN your future

How?? Because what we focus on and how we use gratitude changes our outlook and our actions...and actions build interest like a bank account depositing into your future and creating momentum. ...and you thought it was as simple as saying "thank you" and going about your day. ;)

Grow your gratitude and a simple start to the slay process.

  1. First thing in the morning to say thank you for what you have

  2. State what you're thankful for, in present tense for what you do not yet have.

  3. Join the 7 Day Slayscription to help you jumpstart, build and flex that your mindset, gratitude and slay thinking muscle.

Now, let's grow and go from here. We all start somewhere; let's not wait, get started changing your life and others lives today.


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