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Girl, listen up...

Your time has not passed...your time is NOW.

As as middle-aged women ourselves), we KNOW how EASY it is to feel that our time has passed. That we must surrender to a life that has beaten us down and stolen our dreams. That reality has been too harsh of a lesson and has made us cynical & bitter...and now all that's left is too tired, too stretched thin, too fill-in-the-blank.

But today this message is specifically to the woman who feels her time has passed, OR believes that her path has already been set in stone by her past decisions...that her bed has been made, THE END.


So what DOES the woman reading this today have to offer that hasn't already been done or you believe has more energy and time to pursue? Do you feel lost, behind-the-times, or just trying to keep up?

Do you believe dreams of touching the stars for yourself are to be put to bed? That it's the world for only the young now? That times have changed, the energy to pursue it has diminished, the weariness has crept in, the years have stripped away too much, or the years have simply hardened your spirit into the cynic you are today?


...say no because there's work involved and you're tired and busy.

...sit idle because you aren't sure what to do.

...think you aren't capable just because you have yet to discover the answers.

...give up because it hurts.

In the end, we've quit. We're so busy just trying to survive, we drop everything that sparked

who we once were. So we sit and criticize others, ourselves, our used to be dreams, stories of who you once were and justifying over and over to remind ourselves of why we CAN'T pursue our dreams anymore.

But have we once thought that the disappointment in ourselves and the pity parties we'd rather throw are antagonizing us so much that THEY are the cancer to our dreams and the life we THOUGHT we would be living when the sparkle in our eyes still had hope?

So here were are; wanting more and giving up all at the same time.

Life has been hard, and the thought of putting in more work towards a dream that may or may not happen has lost it's battle in the war of justifying our pursuit and investment in it.

Our message is simple --- GET BACK UP

Your time...OUR TIME IS NOW.

But listen, there's never a time when it should be easy. It's not easy for anyone, EVER...but If you're a woman with vision, hopes, dreams, ideas, gifts, drive, a pull towards something bigger, better, and significant...then will NOT be easy.


Too many times too many of us stop, give up, release the job to someone else. We are so quick to hand over the baton thinking our time is over... or even more true, that it never began.


Someone else is better, more skilled, more available, younger, better suited, more worthy of it...than you??? Maybe everything mentioned in the above paragraphs??

Is THIS what you believe? Is THIS why you stop? Is THIS why you possibly never even began?

#1, We lack value on who we are and what we know...possibly feel undeserving of:

• A break?

• Success?

• Happiness?

• Wealth?

#2, We lack belief:

• In the power of our story - that someone else can relate

• In our abilities - we've learned so much and do things that someone else

wants to learn from us.

• In success for ourselves.

• In our worthiness to succeed.

Aren't you ready for it? Aren't you ready for change? Aren't you ready to believe that NOW is your time to break into success? That NOW is the moment you can tear down the justifications of your "Can't" list?

So now is the time to accept the frustration, the growing pains, the failure. Write them down then burn them, tear them up...trash them.


Change and then success takes a commitment and THE BIGGEST sales job you'll ever sell YOURSELF on the possibility and worthiness of your dreams.

• Too many will let it go and help someone else build their dreams and empire.

• Too many will let years pass, angry, frustrated, and envious of those who are out there giving it their all.

• Too many will give up because they're weary of the fight.

• Too many would rather have someone else absorb the risk.

• Too many are unable to push fear and the opinions of others aside.

• Too many will simply stop because they thought it would be easier than this.

Your past does not have to be your "Scarlet Letter", it can be your Sparkle . Time and struggle have gifted you if you choose to see it that way.

Only if this message has reached down deep enough and stirred up that once-upon-a-sparkle from the life-weary woman you are or have been - are you willing to reconsider a belief in yourself again? Are you ready to pick yourself up and say

"Now is my time...I am ready!"

What dreams have you pushed aside and lost sight of?

Comment below, we would love to hear!

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