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Make Success Pull You To It

We feel like a huge conundrum for many is how in the world the successful seem to find the time, the energy, and the motivation to work more so than most people?

The difference?

The successful do not push themselves to work...

they are PULLED to it.

What exactly does this mean and how does this work?

Let us give examples.


  • Procrastination holds you back, delaying large projects and tasks that you simply don't want to do.

  • Lack of motivation. There are other things you would much rather be doing and the pay-off just isn't enough to emotionally invest in it.

  • Not in alignment with what you're doing. You possibly hate your job, or even resent your business.

  • No connection between dreams and the mundane work.

  • You're doing it because it's either what you've always done or possibly simply because you won't get paid if you don't.


Being pulled is generated by a completely different energy. In fact, if it's ever happened to you, you can almost physically feel it, or if not, you notice a big difference in motivation.

Pulled feels like your dreams/visions/goals are literally grabbing your arm and leading you towards them.

There's no fairy dust here, but it feels absolutely MAGICAL.

  • You find time you didn't know you had.

  • You are easily motivated to work and no longer have to force yourself to work.

  • Big tasks that otherwise would feel overwhelming become just something you do without needing massive pep-talks.

  • Procrastination melts away as you're led straight through large projects and tasks.

Going from PUSHED --> PULLED

Going from pushed to pulled doesn't necessarily happen overnight, and of course with all great things, requires some up front work and honesty with yourself.

1. Ask yourself. Where you currently are, are you comfortable enough to not be motivated to make real changes?

This is an OUCH question because the truth may hurt. We don't mean you will dabble in an opportunity, busy work, or do minimum effort because you haven't convinced yourself it's not totally worth it.

Hard words? Yes...but we've witnessed so many women (our past selves included) who say they want it, but refuse to put in the necessary up front work during the build process - and we believe much of it boils down to...

2. Do your dreams feel too abstract or nonexistent?

Maybe you've lost hope, or reality became a pill you committed to taking daily years ago? Possibly the doubtful critic is never tamed, and dreams are for little girls believing they can be a princess.

The problem is life does serve plenty of harsh doses or reality, but because of it, you've coped by locking the dreams away. You possibly no longer believe in them or their possibilities, and for most... the risk of them outweighs the needs of your present circumstances.

3. Are you unwilling to make sacrifices ?

Not everyone is cut from the entrepreneurial cloth, and that's OK! But for those who can't stop thinking of ideas, dreams of working for yourself, being your own boss etc., then you must ask yourself if you're willing to make some necessary sacrifices to get your business off the ground and moving forward - like watching your favorite shows, playing games, saying no to people & extras that take up time and any more you can think of. Many are not ready or willing, but if you are, then keep going.


  • Dreams must become a VISION of WHO (you want to be) and WHAT (you want to do). We aren't talking just about a vision board and S.M.A.R.T. goals here. ...we're talking BIGGER.

  • Dreams and visions must be so big that you MUST change the rules so drastically that it completely DISRUPTS the cycle of PUSH.

  • Get so uncomfortable with where you currently are that the work is welcomed. When you are being pulled, each task, project, page written, etc is one step closer to seeing that vision become reality.

  • See your dreams & visions as the new reality. So clear, so real, so possible. Only then will you truly be willing to justify the time, effort, and money spent ...and once you are fully, mentally invested will you find yourself pulled through the work needed. So real that all unknowns of how to make it happen are not what stops you from beginning.

We realize there are other things here that we are not covering such as breaking things down to discover ideas, passions and alignment, knowing where to begin etc...but that's where #GlamGirlBoss is passionate. We know how it feels to stumble through these things and wander aimlessly. We also know how it feels to finally find that heart-centered passion and crystal-clear vision, ideas, and massive hustle-flow creation.

We love helping women through these processes of self-discovery and implementation and maybe someday we will have the honor of working with you. As always, you can continue to check out what we offer and what's on the horizon at

Comment below or share!

We would love to know if you've experienced this "energy shift" from push to pull and when you noticed it or what sparked the change. Or what you're currently experiencing and which areas you're still working through.

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