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If I knew more about BRANDING, my biz would really take off

Girl, you're worth MILLIONS! 💰

OK, maybe in reality you're not there...YET. BUT, we do want to talk to you about something that is the single-most-valuable thing in your business.

It's NOT your products or services...It's all YOU girl! It's your BRAND.

We realize that seeing yourself as a brand may seem unimportant, especially if possibly you're in a direct sales business and working it part-time to help make ends meet. But girl...even you are a brand, and your brand SHOULD be important to you.

Have a direct sales business? Not that this doesn't apply to others, but we understand how "lost" you can feel in a direct sales business. It's someone else's brand, someone else's products or services, someone else's policies, etc. You know what we mean here.

So how or why is it important for YOU to have a brand when you are selling another companies products?

If you don't create a brand around yourself, you become a sales drone blending in with everyone else. There's nothing to make you stand out from all the others who sell the exact same product

Want to stand out? Want to know who exactly you want to sell to and create a culture and think of YOU when they are ready to buy?

Let us explain a BIG PICTURE of branding for you:

  • Your brand is like a house. Inside this house where your products and services live.

  • You want to have curb appeal to outside onlookers and prospects. Who do you want to attract? What kind of buyer do you want to see your house? Get specific with your details. For example, you wouldn't try to market a loft apartment to a family with 5 kids and 2 dogs.

  • Your house has features that improve it's value. These are your sub-brands and products (like wood floors, crown molding, a cook's kitchen, etc) the style and "sub-brands" will stand out on their own while giving your main brand massive equity.

For a direct sales business, this would be where those products would fall. They are not the main brand...they help SUPPORT your main brand.

If you're in another type of business, it could be a program or service that is offered under your branding that can stand alone, but adds value to your main brand.

You certainly don't want to leave money on the table by not having an awareness of yourself and your branding. Give yourself laser focus and give your customers a brand to connect to.

Make sure you build a house that stands strong!

We realize this doesn't completely break down branding for you, but we do have an up-and-coming program just for this. #GlamCamp. This program will not only break it down, but walk you through the branding process. It will also take your branding to the understanding of it equaling money and even protecting it. After all, your brand IS your money-maker.

What are your biggest struggles in your business right now? Do you know what your brand is? We'd love to hear from you! Use the comments below to share, and of course share with a friend who has a business that you think could benefit.

💖 Stacie and Melanie

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