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Magic Failures

Our biggest fear... failure...well, success plays a pretty close second here, but because fear of success is tied directly back to fear of failure.

Failure is huge, is it not? Failure can mean losing money, life-savings, the life you have now, making a fool out of yourself and it feels like the sky is falling.

Failure stops us solid. Failure is that huge skyscraper towering in front of us.

We no longer live, we can no longer breathe, our dreams are shut down, and it's no longer our purpose to move forward, but to just exist.

So how do we keep going every day? How do we know when to keep going and when to give up? Where is that line?

How do we continue to show up even when our best plans have fallen hard, we've lost money invested, and what we thought was the "sure thing" resulted in a little to no results?

Sure we have our moments of sulking, we fear we'll lose more than we can handle, or we wake in the middle-of-the-night with anxiety all before we can release ourselves free of it's grip.

But girl, the secret isn't about backing down and saying, "I guess this isn't for me." and then return to a life that has duped us into believing it's safer and more comfortable than the risk of us pursuing our dreams and freedoms.

If you are an entrepreneur, if you've ever started your own business, or dreamed of living free of the paycheck to paycheck more than anyone understands the up's and down's of being your own boss.

You started that business because you wanted something different. But many let emotions from the beginning...the "high" get us in the game, but then when reality stares down at us hard, we melt under it.

So what happened to the magic we felt promised, or the success we saw others seem to easily grab onto?


It's NOT the pie-in-the-sky, you have a website and products so they will come.

There is no magic.

  • There is WORK.

  • There is GRIT.

  • There is the GRIND.

  • There is HUSTLE.

We aren't here to scare you though...we're here to tell you to "GET BACK UP!"

We've failed, BIG TIME...We've lost count over how many times what we THOUGHT would work didn't and we were back to the drawing board, over and over again.

But WAY TOO MANY give up at this point. They believe it isn't meant to be and STOP pursuing...IT'S SAD!

How do you get past failure? How do you discover the new direction past failures, or the actual tipping point in which success shows it's face to you to say "You've earned me, here you go!"

To get past failure and move forward:

  • You MUST daily reconnect to why you're in the game.

  • You MUST look at every angle and reconfigure if something isn't working.

  • You MUST take a step back on a regular basis to make sure you are ALWAYS in alignment with yourself; who you are and your purpose.

  • You MUST be willing to step away from something that is not working and step in a new direction if necessary.

  • You MUST look for the message and blessing buried within the failures.

It's time to get past our own hang-ups, mind-games, and woes that play as a rerun in our heads that put everyone else on a pedestal while at the same time discount who we are and the work we can bring to the marketplace.

So as you inevitably look failure in the eyes, tilt your head and look around it. Say "Thank You!" as you step back and reflect with a new set of eyes.

  1. Find a success partner who can help you with perspective.

  2. Work with a coach or a mentor who will ask you the questions you didn't think of.

  3. Invest in your personal growth by attending workshops, events, or programs that move your mindset and knowledge beyond the thinking that continues to run you into that brick wall.

  4. Don't beat yourself up. You only fail when you quit, so don't quit when you fail.

  5. Give yourself grace and forgiveness while accepting no excuses to bring the hustle.

  6. Find your grit-source. The thing(s) that pulls you...your drive, your "why." The reason that every day, no matter what, you want to learn and grow into the shoes you know you were placed here to fill.

Yes girl, we're ALL failures, and we're thankful for them. Our best ideas have stemmed from them, and our passions have been ignited by them.

Now it's time to embrace your failures and fulfill the purpose that they are revealing to you.

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