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Are You Repelling Biz-Growing Flow?

Life sucks you dry and your business is critically dehydrated. Finding that flow in the middle of a drought can feel challenging, but it's not impossible.

You and your business depends on this flow. It's the life-blood, the pulse that has you showing up every day, feeling blessed with your work, has creativity and ideas that come to you, and feeds you with that deep down motivation to keep showing up.

How many times do we sit, unmotivated...WAITING for that "feeling" to overcome us. Hoping somewhere on social media someone will post something that fires us up, gets us excited and inspired? Or maybe we are hoping that today we have time - time to even do a little bit of work towards our dream but wait for something to steal it from us?

The problem?? Always WAITING...waiting for that "flow" to come to you, hinged on an outside source or circumstance to make it happen, doesn't work that way! Flow starts with YOU, and you need to get it ASAP.

If you've been following us for any time at all on Facebook, you know we're 💯 with you, and that we're all about owning it.

We know that in order to reach our goals and dreams, the buck stops with us.

• WE are the change agent to our business.

• WE are the ultimate motivator that makes us show up.

• WE are the responsible party to what the outcomes are.

• WE are the owner of the key to our dreams and we must protect our dreams and not give them away so easily to life and to other people.

We get it, life is always throwing new things at us that we have no control over, people we rely on don't show up, and money we hoped to have is taken away from another life emergency or just LIFE in general.

So how are we to get the flow back? How do you find the drive to work in spite of the circumstances? How do you get to that point where motivation, ideas, creativity, and excitement breathes effortlessly again?

1. Alignment. Do you love what you do? Maybe a better question is, do you love the outcome of what your product or service provides other people?

All businesses require work, and work is so much easier when you have FLOW. Flow is attached to a bigger purpose. Make sure that your work means something to you. It's easy to think that "selling" a product or a service shouldn't carry an emotional tie, but girl...are you connected to the OUTCOME of what it will do for people? If you can't get excited about that, then all the other stuff is challenging to line up. Flow is much harder when you feel like a drone in a sterile process, so either reconnect in your current business, or pursue the passion you've possibly been avoiding.

2. Gratitude. Saying thank you is way more than just being polite. Gratitude unlocks flow in a massive way. Flow comes from limitlessness, and with gratitude, it lightens our spirit, opens our heart, and removes the stifling effects of feeling stuck in our current moments and situations. We can't be BOTH miserable AND grateful at the same time. Turn on gratitude and you'll turn on flow.

3. Vision. Revisit, visualize, and FEEL your dreams daily.

First, don't confuse your dreams with your goals.

Goals are the technical aspect of our dreams . They are the solid, we can break-them-down, executable component to building up to our dreams.

But the BIG dreams? The things we CAN'T break down because we don't even know where to start and HOW it would happen or even IF we are capable of it????


You MUST create vision. If you can't SEE yourself there and FEEL like it's real, because all you can see is how bad things are right now?? Then NO, flow will not happen because your dreams are already on life support. So EVERY DAY make a few moments of quiet time a priority where you focus and zero in on those dreams AS IF you're living them right now. Flow WILL pour in as your world opens up around you.

4. Action. The magic of flow reveals itself buried in the heart of action. Now that

you’ve opened the channel for flow, now is the time to act. Action in itself is a great

flow revealer and opens doors to new ideas, creativity and more.

5. Consistency. Understand that in all things, consistency is magical, and over time the flow-reward you receive from will make it a habit you never want to skip.

But the caveat to all of this?? VERY FEW will follow through and practice it.


1. If you're still too focused on everyone else who is killing it in their biz because their perceived life is so much easier, they have better luck, or whatever you are choosing to see.

2. You're rolling your eyes and blowing off this entire post because it sounds ridiculous to you, but you're still frustrated with a lack of change in your life.

We've killed our flow in the past by blowing all of this off and refusing to change too. We've also killed it by feeling sorry for ourselves for too long while everyone else seemed to be overcoming and succeeding...but experience has taught us hard lessons, as-well-as PLENTY of self-investment and growth to make a massive shift for us in life and in business.

This isn't meant to be harsh in a bad way, this is tough love. It's easy to get trapped inside the woe-is-me bubble while staring at how good and how easy everyone else seems to have it on the outside. When you realize that what you've created is constantly REPELLING flow to you - But now that you know, NOW you have the power to change it and remove all barriers.

Aren't you ready to break through? Aren't you ready to open yourself and your life up to the fresh air, new flow, and ALL that you are capable of?

We would love to hear from you, comment below.


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