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Your Social Media 101 Video Academy

⭐Be a star, create raving fans, and make your business ✨SHINE✨ on social media.

Hearing crickets on your page, getting put in Facebook jail, or frustrated with how to run a business on social media?

Learn How to Create Captivating Content, When to Post, What to Post, and How to be Authentically Present in your Business.


Most are used to using social media to connect and be entertained, but as soon as you have a business to grow and products & services to sell, suddenly you understand there is a difference between doing the "social" thing vs the "business" thing on social media. 

Your business depends on your ability to stand out and connect to your audience on social media. It's THE thing that helps level the playing field for today's entrepreneurs.

Are You Hearing Crickets or Stuck In Facebook Jail?

Too often we see so many posting things could get your Facebook account shut down, content that's scaring people away, and a lack of posts that would keep people coming back for more. 

Let's change that, OK?

Social Media Slay Broken Down

5 Days, 5 Videos, 5 Downloadable PDFs

Walking You Through, So You Can Slay

1. Social Media Platforms & Defining who you are speaking to.

Differentiate between platforms, choosing your social media focus, and your target audience.

2. Do’s and Don’ts.

What to keep doing that attracts people to you, and things you should stop doing right now because you may be scaring people away.

3 Creating Visual Content

A full breakdown of our favorite apps and sites that will help give your business the visual edge it needs.

4. Content Is Queen!

Get the details on What to post, How to Post, When to Post and doing it consistently.

5. Increasing Reach & Engagement

The bigger your reach, the more engagement you'll receive, the faster your growth.

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