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UnLeashed Getaway Event for Women by #GlamGirlBoss

The Best "Me Time "

You've Ever Taken.

THE Getaway Event for Women


No More Holding Back - Girl, It's Time To UnLeash.

Unleash the powerful woman that you are.  


Held in Las Vegas where you can escape, have fun, and restore yourself while surrounding yourself with other fabulous women who will encourage and lift you.


Overcome setbacks, ditch old mindsets that hinder you, realize your potential, embrace your dreams, gain new tools, and see yourself soar to new heights.  


When you're UnLeashed, You are Limitless.

When it comes to the #GlamGirlBoss UnLeashed Event, 

Think Glam 👑, Think Exciting✨, Think Fun✨!

But Even More...

It's a Women's Mastermind, Increase Your Vibe, Your Confidence, Your Mindset, Your Life - Event.

Why UnLeashed matters to you.

Many of us are emotionally spent...

We are daughters, wives, mothers, sisters, career-minded, money-making, band-aid applying, fix it, make-it-happen, give to all, support and hold it together for everyone - woman.


It can be easy to forget that we once had big, amazing dreams.  But somewhere in time, life took over.  We easily place everyone else's lives ahead of our own and we long for a reminder of the woman we dared to be.


To step back, rediscover, recenter, fall in love again with ourselves and our dreams, and build ourselves back up --- to not just the idealistic girl we were limited to before, but as a woman taking years of living and experiences and using them as a launching pad to an even greater potential than we ever believed possible.

What Topics Are Covered At the UnLeashed Event?

Self Love  Money Mindsets  Passion  Purpose  Clarity   Image   Confidence Motivation  ... and MORE

Is The UnLeashed Event For You?

For the Woman Who Desires To Live Her Life By Design and Aligned To Her Heart-Centered Passions.


For the Dreamer Ready to UnLeash Herself & her Ideas Into the World, Turning Dreams Into Reality.


For the Visionaries Who are OVER being Held Back From the Life She Has Always Imagined...NOW is Her Time.

Grab Your Besties

The Power of The



• Overcome mindsets holding you back. 

• Stop fearing failure...AND success. 

• Visualize the reality of your dreams. 

• Stop pushing money away from you. 

• Get aligned to your true purpose.

• Surround yourself with others for the ultimate empowerment and belief system. 

• Discover how to live life on your terms.​

• Improve your relationship with success and money.​

UnLeashed Getaway Event for Women by #GlamGirlBoss

How the UnLeashed Event is Different:

Unleashed differs in that we understand as women, that women just don't take enough time for themselves.  So we keep our sessions shorter, yet intense.  We show you that in focused time, you can accomplish a lot and see how amazing it feels.  

We also give you plenty of time to focus on YOU.  To fully absorb the work you've done in session and process it.  To have time enjoying meals, spa, pool, shopping, or sleeping.  The weekend is designed to FILL YOU, not deplete you.  

We want you to return home energized, excited...not overwhelmed, exhausted.

Our UnLeashed Event in La Quinta, CA was a total SUCCESS!

Ladies spent time discovering what's holding them back, what their true passion is, motivation and inspiration to move forward with a plan, hope, and belief...and plenty of time to themselves at a beautiful resort where they were able to rest, refresh, & reflect.  Leaving in a much better place than when they arrived.

     The main reason I went to Palm Springs was for me to support my awesome friend/coach who was a guest speaker and figure out how to step up my business. Instead, I was seriously unLeashed by #GlamGirlBoss.


I found myself in tears when the truth came out - my fears, my goals, my whys, etc. I was truly shocked by my self-discovery. Thanks Melanie and Stacie working your magic on me. I can't wait for the future of your legendary events. Cheers to an exciting journey and new friends.

~ Joan C. - Attendee


     WOW! What an incredible weekend it has been!

• Learning • Growing • Transforming • and most importantly...connecting with other women and ourselves.

I was given the opportunity this weekend to really push myself to a place that not only I desired...but I also feared the most....public speaking.

I could have stayed in my comfort zone, happily standing on that precipice, watching all the birds soar past me...but I didn't.

I took a leap of faith, and I found myself soaring "through the air with the greatest of ease."
I gave an incredible speech that not only touched the room...but left me empowering my own self.
Never let your fears stop you from going after your passions or your calling. LEAN INTO your fear, don't run away from it.

I leaned into my fear, jumped off the cliff and found that I could fly 🙏🕊💕

A big THANK YOU to Stacie Simons Segall + Melanie Spence Edwards for giving me my wings, the hubbs for always supporting me and loving me up unconditionally, and to all my Fam n friends who believe in me and continually lift me up....this weekend has been transformational and I can't wait to see what is yet to come!! #glamgirlboss

~ Louise Edu - Guest Speaker


     I attended the Unleashed Event because my friend, Stacie, was putting it together and I had not seen her in a long time.  I really had no idea what the Event was all about, but I thought it would be nice to get away for a few days, see Stacie, relax, and meet new friends.

Before attending, I thought many times about changes in my life and starting my own business.  What those changes would look like or what kind of business, I had no idea.  Stacie and Melanie were so confident, inspiring, motivating, organized, and are definitely the images of a GlamGirlBoss, right down to their beautiful wardrobes.

I would definitely recommend attending their events; I walked away with new friends and feeling like an empowered woman who had much more clarity about life and business.  Thank you both for such a wonderful experience.

 ~ Diana F - Attendee

As women we are guilty of...

  • Comparing ourselves to other women who we believe have it all.


  • Putting ourselves down and holding ourselves back because we feel intimidated or not ready to embark on our big dreams.


  • Waiting "until" ...everyone else is taken care of before we ever consider pursuing our own dreams.


  • Suppressing our own desires, needs, and dreams for the greater good, but come to the end to find that we are filled with regrets and "what-if's?".

At any moment you have the power to say this is not how the story is going to end. - UnLeashed Event by #GlamGirlBoss

We are women who say

"I want to have it all!"

Don't live the same year 75 times and call it a life - #GlamGirlBoss UnLeashed Event

UnLeash YOU!

You Can't Afford to Miss this...your future depends on it.

Find your strength, and walk away unleashed to put yourself out into the world the way you are meant to.

UnLeashed Getaway Event for Women by #GlamGirlBoss

YES we are grateful for everything we have,

but that doesn't mean we have to sit back and settle...

accepting life to come to us as it will, without any effort on our part to change it.

This is for the imperfect yet driven woman.  

You Are...

The woman who desires MORE and is READY to do what it takes to catapult her life to a new level...the next level.

The woman who is HUNGRY for a strong tribe of others like herself...that's uplifting & empowering of each other.

No matter your background, this is the time to purge your mind of negative "I can't" filth that has been holding you back, and refilling it with belief and knowledge that will take you to the next level...because after all, it's about how hungry you are to grab it that gets you there, and because...

You Don't Give Up, You Show Up.

It's time to Reinvent yourself into the woman who you've ALWAYS been but stuffed away while living life. 

It's time to take yourself to a whole new radical level...It's time to UnLeash!

 Frequently Asked Questions:


When and Where Will the UnLeashed Event be held?


The UnLeashed Event location is yet to be determined.  Join the waitlist to stay in touch with our upcoming plans. 





What does a normal day look like for the UnLeashed Event?  


• Check in for the event will be on Thursday evening.  The event will begin Friday morning. This event will be fun but focused.   We offer breaks, an extra long lunch, and early afternoon dismissal.  You will have your evenings free unless there is a scheduled dinner or cocktails with #GlamGirlBoss.  




Who is this getaway event for? Can I bring my significant other?


• Although we target and speak directly to women, anyone can attend with the purchase of their own registration ticket. If they opt out of the event, they can certainly spend time enjoying themselves around Vegas while you're at the event.  




What will the dress code be?


• First of all, dress in a way that makes you feel fabulous and totally you...but don't worry, we will set up a private Facebook group just for those attending so everyone can chat and get details before and up-to the event.




What if I purchase a ticket and end up having to cancel?


• Refunds will be accepted until 1 month from the event date.  After this date, tickets are non-refundable.  A full refund will be available if you purchased the one-time payment. For any payment option chosen, you will be refunded the ticket cost minus any interest charged.  


**Tickets ARE transferable to another person.



The first person who must believe in your worth is you.  UnLeashed Event by #GlamGirlBoss

What You Can Expect When You Register For The UnLeashed Event: 

  • Expect to discover what's been holding you back

  • Expect to gain new life-building ideas, and knowledge

  • Expect to tap into your deep Self-Propelled Motivation

  • Expect to Overcome limited thinking

  • Expect to make new Besties and immerse yourself into a high vibrational, Success-Building Tribe

  • Expect to have FUN

  • Expect to have time to yourself

  • Expect to have "A-HA Moments"

  • Expect to blow Yourself away

  • Expect to emerge UnLeashed

Self love

Self love and self respect aren't selfish.  Too many women live's time to fill your cup.


Confidence is a make or break you mindset. Chin-up's time to own your amazing self.


Discover & overcome past money fears and mindsets that have been holding you back from the life you've really dreamed of.


Passion &


Uncover passions & heart-centered purpose.  Gain new drive and purpose for your life.


Clarity in connection to your heart-centered purpose, but taken a step'll be shocked at the discovery and the motivation it will fuel you with.


Yes Girl, I'm Ready to UnLeash!


  • Group training sessions: Money |Overcoming Fears | Passion/Purpose |Clarity/Goals | Motivation | Heart-Centered Purpose | Passion | Alignment and more.

  • Small breakout groups for more intensive work for personal growth.

  • Organization & take-aways - Go home organized and ready to hit the ground running.

  • "ME TIME" Longer Lunch Breaks & Free Evenings.

  • ...and more goodies & surprises we can't tell you about, but in pure #GlamGirlBoss style!

  • 2.5 Days

  • 1 Amazing Location 

  • Life Changing

  • Network Growing

  • Me Time

  • I Can't Wait To Do It Again

  • 100% #GlamGirlBoss

  • UnLeashed EVENT​

You will have a choice between paying in full or our convenient split payment of $250 each, or 3 monthly payments of $170.

Be The 1st To Know When Tickets Are Available!

The Fine Print:

* Room, air, rental car, and meals are the responsibility of each attendee.  

Sponsored By:

© UnLeashed Event and #GlamGirlBoss.  All Rights Reserved.

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