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Break Out  From Basic 


Since finding GlamGirlBoss, I’ve experienced success. Without them or their support, I know I would’ve quit by now. I have not once missed a Facebook Live, training or group with them and I am not about to start! These ladies are amazing and know their stuff!  Someday I hope to meet them and many of the ladies I have trained with!

~ Kathy F

Kathy F

...I have learned so much and will constantly review the valuable information GlamGirlBoss provided!

~ Michelle A

Michelle A

This group gave me so much clarity! -Such useful information and presented in a way that just made sense! I enjoyed the tasks. They were not time-consuming and didn't require a lot of effort, but doing them brought me leaps and bounds in my business development! -I'm so glad I stuck it out, and that I was able to do this training with [you]! -It was so helpful seeing what the other members were saying too! -Thanks again for doing this group!

~ Crystal C

Crystal C


We are Melanie Edwards and Stacie Simons Segall, the creators and founders of #GlamGirlBoss!


Two Coaches - One Mission:

To help women with an online business in branding, building, and standing out from their competition to help them get more clients/customers and earn bigger profits - Make Bank!


Two Coaches - Double The Slay:​​


Our backgrounds and expertise include branding, intellectual property, business incubators and start-ups, web-design expertise, sales and marketing copy, sales funnels, E-Commerce, mindset training, social media, and business launches.




 Why Just Be A Boss?  Be A #GlamGirlBoss. 

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How do you see yourself?
Alignment first.
Vision beyond circumstances.
Drama & dreams don't mix.
Comfort is a danger to your dreams.
Don't say "I wish," say "I WILL!"
Do it with passion or not at all
Get it girl!
Do more than dream, take ACTION!
Don't conform, be unique.
Doubts not allowed.
Sleep like a baby, wake like a boss.
Go out on a limb.
Confined by your own walls?
I'm paying the bills.
Make your passion LOUD.
Sparkling so bright.
Work hard to pursue your dreams.
Be the woman to inspire others.
Choose dreams over regrets.
Don't like your story, change it.