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Do This To Make Your Dreams Come True

Have you ever written out your goals and dreams?  

  • Not a written list of "I wish ____."  "I want ____."

  • Not a running list in your head of things you want to change, be different or better.

  • Not something you think of when what you have now is broken or isn't working the way you want.

We're talking about intentional thought.  

Goals and dreams that are NOT confined by income, ability, knowledge, and network.

Does this scare you?  Possibly you blow it off, "That stuff doesn't work!"  Maybe you feel so trapped where you are you say, "What's the point?"

This post is short and simple.  This post is nothing more than to get you to stop and think for a couple of minutes today.  Not just today though...EVERY day.

We want you to start digging out of your past, digging out of your soul, your thoughts, passions things that would light you on fire.  Things that would be your ultimate legacy to leave behind.  To fill the dash that is your life so full that you set the stage for others to follow.  

Just because of where you are NOW, who you are NOW, what you are NOW does not dictate where/who/what you WILL be.

Our challenge to you:

Write out your goals, dreams, & visions daily

Sound like this may not be worthy of your time?

Ask yourself this, "How have the past ___ years have worked in my favor?"

Are you happy with your answer?

If not, you MUST do more.

  • You have a deep calling you've ignored.  

  • You've let dreams fall away and swept them under the rug.  

  • You've let life and others distract you from your dreams.  

  • You've settled and try to convince yourself daily that where you are is enough and you should be grateful.


Now it's time to get to work. It's time to put energy and intention behind your goals and to invest in the vision.  

You are worth it, your future is worth it, your legacy is worth it.

First thing upon waking:

3-5 minutes, start writing out what you want to do, have, be.   It can be anything.  It can laughable.  It can be Ridiculous.  


Make sure all of these are written in "I am _____."  "I have _____."  Present or past tense only. No words like hope, want, going to.  You want to write AS IF you just reached it or already have.

Repeat every morning.  Make this your new habit and a part of your morning routine.  Also, each day may be different than the day before.  That's OK.  This is your dream session.  The fun part will be revisiting your lists and see what dreams keep showing up over and over.

Want to Super Size it?

Put your subconscious to work while you sleep.  Write your dreams and goals before going to sleep and sleep on it.  

Want to share some of your ridiculous dreams with us?  We'd love to hear!  Nothing is TOO big or TOO out of reach.  The crazier the better!  ...and GO!


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