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Why Women Shouldn't Do Business Alone

Women, we are bosses, wives, mothers, sisters, our family's emotional strength, support, and every other title we hold in our many life-roles. But for a woman in small business, just budding business, even direct sales...too many women assume the role of "boss" alone.

Women need community and support, and we've found gold in being business partners and the role it plays on creation, support, confidence, and ultimately success.

Many women are engaged in online communities, networking, social media groups, direct sales teams, etc. But it seems from our own observation, that many women, in spite of this are still trying to build their business alone. We're used to taking the world on our shoulders, so we also take our whole business solely on our shoulders as well.

Which leads us to why we write this. #GlamGirlBoss is not just one woman, but 2 women equal in the creation, development, and vision of the business and movement we're building to help other women in business or women who are thinking of starting a business.

We know that business partnerships are nothing new, but we like to think that we help to bring a new twist to the concept...especially for women who are starting and shouldering her business alone.

5 Reasons We Believe Women

Shouldn't Be Doing Business Alone:

  • More than just community, women need help shouldering responsibilities of a business. That isn't implying we can't handle it, but we see too many struggling to get off the ground because she's trying to be all things to all aspects of business and life combined. Feeling overwhelmed and consistently losing focus means feeling like you never gain traction and must keep starting over.

  • Working with someone equally emotionally invested and hungry for the dream. When another person is fully invested and hungry for the dream as much as you are, you can count on them doing the work it takes to lift the business off the ground. Too many times a well-meaning woman in business alone, finds herself excited to start, but soon abandoned by the "high" of it and hit hard when the real work must begin. Sharing the dream creates more longevity and accountability to the long-term work ahead.

  • Sharing tasks and filling in for your weaknesses. A great partner isn't just like you. Filling in for your weakness and letting you focus on your strengths takes a lot of pressure off in trying to be good at everything. Knowing that while you are designing a great graphic & landing page for a program, she's mapping and structuring the program for it. With both of you focused on your strengths, you can finish work with higher quality and in better time.

  • Two heads are better than one. You aren't always working separately on your strengths alone. A business woman is always learning and expanding her knowledge and tools. Working together to learn something new, brainstorming ideas, doubling the research on your market, etc... decreasing ramp-up times and increasing productivity.

  • Doubles up your confidence. Let's face it, stepping out in business, putting yourself out there, and taking risks way outside your comfort zone are scary, but having a great business partner gives you a boost of "in this together." It helps when someone is walking along side you. We've discovered we're more willing to take risks...even bigger risks than if we were doing this alone. It's true "Girl Power" at it's best..

Much like dating, finding a business partner is something that takes time. You may need to begin as "Success Partners" to begin and work together towards a similar goal but for your own separate businesses. In time, you will discover if there's gold in your working relationship and may be able to slowly start taking more serious steps forward until eventually you believe 100% in the ability to successfully work together as full business partners.

Comment below! We'd love to know if you have a business partner or success partner you are working with and your own personal experiences.


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