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Your Secrets To Success

Awkwardness. want to see success, but can't quite get there.

You sit back, watching "everyone else" succeed before your eyes, while you ask yourself, "How are they doing it?"

What's their secret? I can't get anyone to buy/signup/join/engage.

Feel alone? You're not.

If you find yourself as merely an onlooker to success, you're not many others feel exactly the same way.

We promise, there's nothing wrong with let's get started by identifying truths; they are the fastest path to true change and success.

We believe there are at least 3 things that can contribute to this, and you must decide it's time to be VERY honest with yourself:

1. You don't believe enough in yourself or that you deserve, or are worthy of success. We've been here ourselves too many times, we've worked with our fair share of others who are the exact same way. Let's just say, it's almost impossible to grow a business if you don't believe that what you have to offer is of value to another person. But not just your product or service...YOU.

So many women believe that they themselves can not or will not be taken seriously as a business woman. Or many women believe that where they currently are, what their past story is, will haunt them for the rest of their lives. That they are bound to a life of hardship. Too many obstacles. Too many beds have been made to change your story and have been deeply ingrained to feel as though it is a part of your DNA.

2. You don't believe enough in your product or service that you offer. Whether you sell someone else's products or your own, lack of belief will undermine your efforts. Let's face's HARDER when you don't believe.

How do those who succeed seemingly easier do so much better? Watch their belief level when they speak. You don't just listen to their words, you FEEL it come through whether in person, on video, social have no doubts. So ask yourself to be honest in how much you truly believe in the products and/or services you you honestly believe in it? If not, it can lead to #3.

3. You lack alignment with your business. This can be the toughest of all, especially if your livelihood depends on it, or you've invested a lot of time and money into it.

Now don't go quitting your job or dropping your MLM just yet. This is self discovery only - to find out what may be broken so you can work on it. But what you love to do and what you are trying to sell or push in order to you have a connection between these?

Success finds it's way not just with a commitment to the work, but it has underlying passion, alignment...a strong current. Have the greats that have forged the path before us done so because they *kinda* believed in it? Absolutely not! They were giants because they believed in it even when no one else did! Can you say the same?

So how do you find your way when you feel lost?

How do you find your passions...your alignment to what you do? So that when you sell, recruit, offer, and engage with others, IT FEELS GOOD.

You must:

  • Strike doubt from your thoughts.

  • Remove the weight you give to those who speak negativity to your dreams and goals.

  • Become laser-focused on building your dreams to become reality.

  • Set new goals and set them so that you must rise up in order to perform them.

  • Do what forces you to become better. No one succeeded by staying comfortable.

  • ...and MOST IMPORTANTLY, find the connection between what you do, your business, what you sell, and your passion.

We know that this list can feel like a tall order if not a bit confusing about how to take it from words here in a blog to application in your life and business.

You may want to stop reading this and fall back to your possibly comfortable, yet frustrating and unsuccessful ways.

Are you willing to walk away from what's broken and isn't working so you can take a long hard look on your purpose...your motivator(s)?

• No one is immune to the whirlwinds of life. • No one is immune to distractions and diversions. • No one is immune to having to test their faith.

So what is the secret to your success?

Girl, it's YOU --- YOU are your secret to success.

YOU are the one who must find that fire deep within, that fire that makes you work when "I'm not in the mood" hits.

YOU are the one that must declare boundaries and protect your dream.

YOU are the one that must take the time to care for yourself so that you may be healthy and strong.

YOU are the one that must be first to admit you don't have all the answers and are willing to reach out, allow, and create the community and network needed to help you.

YOU are the one who is capable and worthy, and believe that you WILL become the woman capable of stepping into such amazing shoes on this journey.

Now is the time to decide.

Will you step back or are you ready to step forward?

Comment below .

Stay in touch, so much more is coming to help you succeed.

💖Stacie & Melanie


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