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Slay Your Direct Sales Business

Boss-Up Basics Your Up-Line Never Taught You


For New or Newer Distributors Feeling Lost Or Lacking Direction in Your Direct Sales Business.


For the woman with a direct sales business that is struggling, feels lost, or has little to no help from their upline or company.  

We've heard it too many times...women struggling to get their footing in their direct sales biz.  

Too many frustrated and too many not even working their biz the way they should because it doesn't feel like it's worth their time. 


6 Modules to help you slay your direct sales business.


  1. Social Media Clean-Up.  We're going to help you clean up your social media so you're bringing value to your prospects and avoidng Facebook Jail. 
  2. Developing Relationships. Developing relationships online can be tough to navigate. Grow relationships authentically, and in a way that feels more natural to you and your prospects.

  3. Branding Basics.  Branding yourself apart from everyone matters. Being yourself and growing your business authentic to who you are.

  4. Daily Biz Growing, Tasks. Are your daily tasks growing your biz like you want? Learn what you REALLY need to be doing every single day to slay your business.

  5. Recruiting. Bottom line, recruiting is critical to your biz's growth...but girl, do you feel desperate? Let's remove the desperate aspect and make the right people come to YOU.

  6. Time Management. Your time is your most valuable asset, and if you can't manage your time, you won't be managing your business well. It's time to create time for your business.

Slay Your Direct Sales Business

    • PDF Downloadable Booklet
    • 6 Modules

    • Time Tracking Sheet

    • Daily Business Growing Tasks, Sheet

    • Private Facebook Support Group for Women

    • Bonus "Wealth Guide." Five ways to create wealth flow. 

  • Once purchased, you will gain access to the full PDF program download.  Single download includes all modules and bonuses.

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