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Mindset will catapult us forward or keep us crying in our not-so-sparkling water.
You won't get far if you're still hanging with the wrong crowd, living stuck in vicious cycles, or dreaming small.
Girl, mindset is EVERYTHING!

Gratitude can have us settling or push us to slaying.  

Get your gratitude groove working to propel you forward instead of keeping you stuck.

Old ways of thinking won't open new doors. Give yourself a reboot to your money story & your worth. Start creating new opportunity in your life during this week.


7 Day Slay Passion Journal

How many opportunities have you missed out on due to a lack of confidence?
If you want to live life more fully, more abundantly, then confidence is KEY to doing just that.  It's time to ignite that confident fire.

Passion.  Where work doesn't feel like work & opportunities present themselves.
Do you know your passion?  Are you living in it and working in it?  This week take a closer look and see what you've been missing.

Girl, it's all about the HUSTLE.   The 7 Day Slay Hustle journal is designed to help you work on honing in on your hustle, embracing it, and putting yourself out there with it.

MONTH 8 & More

7 Day Slay Journals coming soon

Fear.  The one thing holding you back from reaching out and taking hold of your greatness.

Time, Health, Branding, Business and so much.  It's not stopping, so why should you?

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The Slay Series Journal Breakdown

The 7 Day Slay Journals each contain 7 days worth of journaling activities to help you slay your week, your life, or your business.

“For the girl who is ready to level up and 'slay'. It's the hard self-work that's imperative to success yet few take the time to do, but the Slay series is broken down, to help even more women find time to slay her week.”

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Need More Journal Pages?

Sometimes a girl has a lot to say and needs to get it written down.  If you need more writing space than what our 7 Day Slay journals offer, download this sheet and print what you need.  

We recommend a 3-Ring Binder for your journals.  Keeps them organized, easier to refer back to, and helping you slay.  


Sample Before You Slay!


The Slay Series Journal Breakdown

PDF Download

Easy-to-read, one page per day journal to make you think and respond.  Feel free to print it off and create a binder with it, or view electronically and type your journal in your favorite app or program.  How you slay is individual to you!

For All Skill Levels: 

No expertise needed, just the desire to work it. It's a journal and there are no ri