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Create ⭐star power⭐, attract raving fans, and jumpstart your new business through social media.


Ready to launch your new business on social media like expert? 


Don't let social media intimidate you...

Girl, let's jumpstart your business.


You may or may not yet be aware, but there is a big difference between doing the "social" thing vs the "business" thing on social media. 

Your new business depends on your ability to stand out and connect to your audience on social media. It's THE thing that helps level the playing field for today's entrepreneurs.

Many with a new business begin with the idea that using Facebook for business will be simple, only to later discover frustration, people not seeing their posts, even getting put into "Facebook Jail" due to not following Community Guidelines. 

Too often we see so many doing things that can get your Facebook account shut down, content that's scaring people away, and a lack of posts that would keep people coming back for more. 


We also know that it's disheartening when no one talks to you, no one sees your posts, and certainly when no one is buying from you.

Let's get to work and turn it around, OK?

Social Media Slay Broken Down

5 Days, 5 Videos, 1 Downloadable PDF Slay Book

1. Social Media Platforms & Defining who you are speaking to.

Differentiate between platforms, choosing your social media focus, and your target audience.

2. Do’s and Dont's.

What to keep doing that attracts people to you, and things you should stop doing right now because you may be scaring people away.

3 Creating Visual Content

A full breakdown of our favorite apps and sites that will help give your business the visual edge it needs.

4. Content Is Queen!

Get the details on What to post, How to Post, When to Post and doing it consistently.

5. Increasing Reach & Engagement

The bigger your reach, the more engagement you'll receive, the faster your growth.

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You don't have to be a Facebook expert to start doing it better.

There's a lot of information out there when it comes to Facebook. Admittedly it gets overwhelming with a lot of in-depth information, which is great...if you're ready for it. 

But we've realized that there are so many who just want some great, NOT-overwhelming, broken down information that is not only easy to digest, but something that can be applied immediately to your own social media presence to help you grow.

Many times, women who are new in business either:

  1. Follow some faulty advice from their upline, or team if in a direct sales business.

  2. Slam social media with spammy posts, links, friend requests, and private messages.

  3. Find themselves at a loss, not sure what is supposed to work, and what is causing their content and account to hang in jeopardy.


Whichever category you fit in, it's crucial to be consistently present, and growing your business on a platform that places the world and your market at your fingertips.

Now is the time to start doing those things that will help you shine, grow your page, and your business... all while playing by Facebook's rules and keeping your account in good standing.

“If people like you, they'll listen to you, but if they trust you, they'll do business with you."


Zig Ziglar

More than just a downloadable program:

  • We've created a day-by-day program in an online academy with videos and yes, even a companion, printable PDF document to fill in the blanks as we discuss each topic, breaking it down into bite-sized pieces.

  • A DAILY SLAY putting the new information you've learned to work right away on your social media page. 

  • Plus a free Private Facebook Support Group for support from Stacie, Melanie, and a community of other women, during and after your Academy.

Online Video Academy Ready to Train You.

Bonus #1 


Tips of a High Performance Woman 

From the #GlamGirlBoss Unleashed Event comes tips for the High Performance Women. What does a girl who's making it happen in her business and life do differently than someone who isn't? 

Bonus #2 

5 Traits of the GLAMpreneur

Do you have the necessary base-line traits to start or launch your own business?

So many dream of it and love the idea of freedom, being our own boss, and of course making money doing what we want to do.

BUT not every girl is designed for it. For the "Glampreneur" there's a different level of grit and desire to step out and step up.

Hi, ladies, Day 4 and 5 were incredible but the Bonus Day was over the top!! I love all the tips and knowing now that I do have GlamVision is exciting!!

I am going to define my clarity of who I am and what I am to myself so I can come across and help women, not just in a mediocre attempt but to help women having hard economic or stressful situations because I have come through it with Faith and belief and I am an example without telling my whole story but being there for them unconditionally and without judgment. I have a strong and growing customer base and my team of 24 is growing too.


I am super excited that I invested in myself and Slay week came across my path at the right time. Thank you for all that you do! :)

April A


What You'll Receive Today With

Your Social Media Slay.

5 Days, 5 Lessons, 5 Videos,

1 Social Media Slay Book as a Downloadable PDF

1 Special Price

Immediate access to the academy following purchase.  


Day 1, Lesson 1

Social Media Platforms & Defining who you are speaking to (your tribe).  Creating laser focus.


Day 2, Lesson 2

Do's and Dont's.  Stay out of FB jail, and why your content isn't showing in people's feed.


Day 3, Lesson 3

Let's Create Content!  Fun with apps we use to create the content you see on the #GlamGirlBoss page.  


Day 4, Lesson 4

Content is Queen (What to Post, How to Post, When to Post).  Bring value to your page so you can sell better.


Day 5, Lesson 5

How to increase your reach and get people talking to you, equates to growth on your page and in your finances.




  • A free Private Facebook Support Group for support from Stacie, Melanie, and a community of other women for support or questions.


  • The Unleashed Event's High-Performance Woman PDF.


  • 5 Traits of the Glampreneur PDF.



A Word From The Founders of #GlamGirlBoss.

We are Melanie Edwards & Stacie Simons Segall, and as women who have struggled and wandered aimlessly for too long trying to find the right recipe for success in our own business, and navigating through failures and struggles, we've discovered our massive passion. To help other women who are exactly where we were. Struggling, possibly confused, aimless, yet driven to keep pushing forward and absolutely refusing to give up. We have and continue daily to create programs and things that help give you a hand-up along with the swift kick of boss motivation to take action now instead of later. We are the change-agents to help take you and your business to the next level.

 This is the #GlamGirlBoss life. Welcome!

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