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Your Wake-Up Call

Did the past year sound like this? "I'M TIRED!"

  • Tired of the same sad story but on a different day.

  • Tired of just barely making it.

  • Tired of money problems.

  • Tired of relationship strains.

  • Tired of sickness.

  • Tired of complaints about how bad life is.

  • Tired of anger towards people, jobs, bills, etc.

  • Tired of working hard to not get ahead.

  • Tired of stress and anxiety.

  • Tired of worrying it will be taken from me.

  • Tired of wondering if I'm good enough or deserving enough.

  • Tired of being afraid.

Just reading those is sucking.

But it sounds familiar, right?? Of course it does!

Every.Single.One of us has felt this in the past or we'd be willing to bet MOST are CURRENTLY feeling this. Believe us, we've lived PLENTY with financial problems, marriage problems, kid problems, etc. No one is immune!

Girl, we MUST move past this! BUT HOW?

The next months/year will not be different unless you change some things, until YOU change. You MUST be willing to shake yourself to wake up.

Most of us have been so beaten down by life and circumstances we actually give ourselves permission to wallow for WAY too long. Then before we know it this becomes NORMAL for us.

As soon as something becomes "normal," we've settled and have stopped seeking new ideas, new opportunities, new ways of pursuing, acting, believing, growing, and moving forward.

Now we've created a life that tells us what we do, where we go, who we are, how we spend our time, our money and so forth.

Are you OK with that? We're not! --- If you aren't, then we do believe we have so much in common!

Read this out loud so you hear yourself saying this:

"I'm not your average girl NOR do I EVER intend to be. I wasn't put here to be average. I was put here to be EXTRAORDINARY."

But here's our caveat and something we've been guilty of...NO MORE, and neither should you. Honestly, we are tired of playing down our abilities, strengths, and capabilities so that others who ARE okay with settling, feel better about themselves.

Drawing a line in the sand.

Maybe this is the weeding out of people in our life, on this site, our Facebook pages, or blog who read this and feel way too uncomfortable to like our message here. Does this make you uncomfortable thinking about doing this in your own life? Then we're doing our job.

We're either making you uncomfortable to go complain or gripe and stay where you are, or uncomfortable enough to wanna get up and rise up with us:

  • To start...and get to work.

  • To feel that stir that there IS something great in you that MUST see the light of day.

  • To embrace that you ARE worthy of it, even if you aren't exactly sure of

  • what or how yet.

So what side of the fence do you sit on?

Believe us, you DO have what it takes, but you MUST decide which side of the fence you sit on.

This is where we all tend to pull out our laundry list of excuses (they look and sound like 100% legit reasons) why life won't let us and why we're trapped where we are.

We're here to burn the list and blow off the roof.

We know that it's all in our head and our current reality is the representation of this. People who make it happen are not doing it because life finally gave them a break...they decided, acted, shut-up the doubt, and in spite of the odds that were working against them, they believed they could - their vision so big and so strong that they REFUSED to let anything stand in their way.

So let's get back to why you're TIRED. We all feel tired...

BUT... we have that choice right now to be tired scraping and clawing our way through life just so we can exist, OR... we can hit the pillow at night hard because we we worked energized and excitedly towards our goals, vision, stirrings, callings and more.

YES GIRL...there is a difference in "TIRED."

Tired and sleeping hard from a job well done, or tired because life has drained us and we wake in the middle of the night with anxieties, fears, and more looming over our heads.

THAT's how those who overcome do it. They CHOOSE their tired. Now with that said...

Here's how you can TAKE CHARGE!

  • Chose to work on what matters.

  • Commit to your job in a way as if you own the company and what you're doing matters that much.

  • Pursue that idea.

  • Start building that project.

  • Research that business.

  • Start talking to more people.

  • Be willing to put yourself out there in front of people.

  • Make those calls.

  • Sign that document.

  • Start to write that blog or book.

  • Open that business.

  • Work on yourself to start thinking like a boss.

  • Fill out that application.

  • Do those "I should" things instead of filing it away or pushing it aside because you've lost the dream or belief.

  • START by gaining clarity on your dreams and your goals NOW.

You are NOT too old to begin. You do NOT have to wait. You do NOT have to give it to the younger generation to handle. You have what it takes RIGHT NOW. But you must act on it and own it.

Are you ready to OWN IT?

We're not just your cheerleader. Sure, being a cheerleader is great and all, but ineffective for any long-term motivation. Girl, reach down and get to work. YOU are responsible for finding that motivation.

That's not on us or anyone else...and the way to motivate, the way to trade your tired and change your life? It's to BEGIN.


Comment below: What has been holding you back and why are you ready to begin? As stated in this blog, this is where we may part ways. We're here to help women who are READY to be helped. If you don't like our message, that's OK, but please keep comments respectful to others. We are here to empower let's get to it.

Stacie & Melanie

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