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Our Favorite Photo Apps for Social Media

Ever wondered what apps other people use for their social media posts? Ever noticed the

photos in a feed and thought to yourself, "how do they create that?"

We know we have, but through hundreds of photo designs, we've come up with our personal fave's. Not just to use as a stand-alone app, but we use many apps to piggy back on one another to create the perfect look we're going for.

It's not easy to say one is our favorite over another. The reason being is that each app provides a certain feature we need or gives a certain look we're going for.

Here's our top 3 favorite apps and why:

💖 #GlamGirlBoss Tip: For any brand (including yourself), pay the money to remove their watermark so that your brand stands.

We love Typorama because #1, it's FUN, (but watch your can be easy to lose track of it playing with it) #2, it's a TIME SAVER,'s a conundrum. Choose from a variety of backgrounds provided or use your own. Type in your words or use the "Random Quote" feature. No matter what you choose, just hit the different Text Style and watch your text transform.

Typorama is a free app and although not as robust as Photofy, it makes easy work for those who possibly consider themselves creatively challenged or just short on time. From filters, to overlays, shadowing, gradients, and 3D texts features, this is one of our consistent go-to apps.

💖 #GlamGirlBoss Tip: Utilize the Watermark feature by keeping a transparent PNG logo on your phone...OR save it and open it in Photofy to add your logo there.

We love this free app, and stays put in our arsenal because let's face it, a girl isn't ALWAYS

ready for her close-up, yet is growing a business and a brand and wants to eliminate zero excuses for showing up to her audience. Insert the no-excuses app, Instabeauty.

Apply filters to soften lines or help with lightening up photos with poor lighting. No makeup on? No problem! Easily apply makeup to a bare face or enhance what you have. We're not trying to fake anyone out, but we don't necessarily want breakouts to ruin a good photo opp either.

💖 #GlamGirlBoss Tip: We believe in putting our best foot forward. Being real yes, but also representing our brand and remembering that we are the brand...YOU are your brand. So be true to who you are, but make sure you are connecting the dots of yourself and your branding image.

This only covers a few of our apps and why we love them, and we're not restricted to using only phone apps, but websites as well to help us create branding, photos, eBooks, logos and more.

Interested in learning more tips for how you can SHINE in your social media presence?

Your business depends on your ability to stand out and connect to your audience on social media. It's THE thing that helps level the playing field for today's entrepreneurs.

We offer a deeper dive into apps, content, do's and don'ts, engagement, and more with our #GlamGirlBoss 5 Day Social Media Challenge.

💖 #GlamGirlBoss Tip: Get access to the Social Media Challenge today and start transforming yourself and your business online.

COMMENT BELOW your favorite apps, and share this with someone who likes to create!

💖 Stacie & Melanie

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